How Re:Mind Helps

We all feel a little nervous from time to time. Nerves are part of our natural defence mechanisms, but sometimes our worries can become little a bit much to bear. Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the future? Perhaps you find yourself panicking about things you know shouldn’t worry you? 

Anxiety is our body’s way of telling us that there is something we should be running away from. However, as we’ve evolved, the signals have gotten a little mixed up– after all, we no longer face life or death threats, like sabre-toothed tigers, on a day to day basis!

Re:Mind is designed to help you to engage the calm and rational part of your brain that can recognise what we might need to be a little nervous about, and the things we do not need to worry about at all. It can help you learn how and why anxiety becomes a problem, and develop tools to help you quieten those worrisome thoughts, so that you can go through your day feeling calm and collected. 

Re:Mind is not a substitute for medical health care. If you are suffering with severe anxiety, please speak with your GP or visit a therapist for one-on-one sessions. Lucy offers sessions online and face to face near Bath, and below are some resources for finding a hypnotherapist in your area.

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