What's your why?

4th September 2019

So you’ve got a goal in mind, something you really want to achieve, but you’re struggling to get started. This month we’re going to focus on motivation, and offer some tips and tools to help boost it, and get you started on achieving your goals.

Today I want to talk about your why. When we get a goal in mind, whether it is something like buying a house, or losing weight, or running a marathon, we often jump straight into the hows. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to have a clear idea of your steps (and we’ll talk more about that later in the month), but first and foremost it is important to really understand your goal.

We are more likely to want to take those baby steps, and work through the hows, if we are working on something we truly believe in, and want with every fibre of our being. Change is hard, so, often we don’t change unless staying the same becomes more uncomfortable than the process of change itself. If we are ambivalent about this change, or just not all that bothered whether we accomplish it or not, then finding the motivation is going to prove challenging!


So really dig into the question of why you want to achieve this goal. Get yourself a pen and paper and answer the following questions:

  • How will your life change once you’ve achieved this goal?
  • What will achieving this goal improve for you?
  • How will you notice once this goal is achieved?
  • Who else will notice, and what will they notice?
  • Finally, and critically - WHY? Why does it matter to you to complete this goal?

When you are struggling to find the motivation to keep going on with the steps to achieving your goal, look back at these answers. Really allow yourself to feel into what it’ll be like to achieve it and with that in mind, get back onto those steps!

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