How Re:Mind Helps

We all react differently to stress. Some people get anxious, others feel low, and sometimes people may even express stress through anger.

Anger can manifest itself in many ways. Sometimes it’s internalised – people push your buttons while you continue to fester below the surface. Other times it can be more obvious – exploding into a rage, shouting and maybe even stomping or slamming doors.

Anger is our brain’s way of telling us that something isn’t right and that something needs to change. It evolved as a way to protect us from predators, but rather than throwing spears at sabre-toothed tigers, these days we’re throwing them at someone who didn’t indicate when changing lanes.

Here at Re:Mind, we will teach you how to tap into the voice of calm and reason, which can sometimes seem no more than a whisper or an after thought after the event. We can help you to reduce your stress levels so that you can be calmer and more in control of your moods and behaviours – recognising when a spear is needed, and when it most definitely isn’t!

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